Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Arch Tents Event Tents with Glass Walls Sold Briskly form LIRI Tents

The Arcum Tent is composed of high reinforced aluminum frame and PVC covers. Arcum tent is based on the “A” frame clear span tent design and reasonably absorbs the Chinese traditional architectural design elements. We pre-press the aluminum roof-beams so that it can become the curve shape.

The characteristics of the Arcum Tent will include a good-looking structure with a beautiful roof line and a lot of space inside the tent. It will also give you a feeling of currency to use it for big tents, exhibitions, or for a temporary showroom.

For more information please contact us! Arcum Tents for sale

The website only show partial of our aluminum tents,we can also make customized tent exactly according to your requirement.If you are interested ,please contact to get our brochure.

Arch tent is one of the strongest and well-designed tents on the market.The arch tent provides versatile and usable space.  We have designed and developed the arch tent with special intense which meets the style and authentic decor. The fabrics we used are of high quality so that it support for long duration. The Arch Tent is so special and luxury in shape .10m-60m width with customized design are always available. The arch tent can be economically used for exhibiton, warehouse, sprot hall , ridding hall and wedding cermemony.

The arch tents event tents can be used for activities about sports, entertainment etc. Their arch roof design brings an very elegant appearance and more comfortable room inside. When they are installed with glass walls especially blue glass walls on the beach, they will look like a beautiful white seagull flying freely with her wide wings over the blue sea.


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