Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Polyester tent manufacturers in south africa

Polyester tent manufacturers in south africa 

Stretch tents are a new product contrasting the established event tent market in the US. This technology was created in South Africa and has gained popularity in Australia, New Zealand and recently Europe and the US market. The biggest strength of flexible canopies is their tremendous versatility and style. This makes them a truly unique product.

The marquee marketplace is an established industry. This product can be marketed to governments, event planners, weddings and cultural activities. Currently there are several different types of event tents (frame, pole, ex). Stretch tents are a new product contrasting the established event tent market in the US. The biggest strength of the freeform canopy is its flexibility.

What sets stretch tents apart from the competition is the unique style of canopy and ability to transform that to fit any location. This expands the possibility of uses exponentially for an event site. This gives customers the most freedom for their gathering. freeform canopies can also be set up as semi-permanent structures. This could be at a restaurant, at the base of a ski area or somebody's backyard.

Stretch tents are stylish. With a free flowing and open concept they are inviting and intriguing, giving guests a feeling of importance. If nothing else they are different from the normal, boring wedding marquee. Versatility is the key strength to the canopies. These shelters can be installed virtually anywhere! On uneven ground, off buildings, over features like pools and gardens. Open your imagination to create your perfect event or dramatically enhance your current space.

Event marquees are meant to attract and allure people to your farmers market, sporting event, business sale or cooperate function. These canopies, upon first appearance, are strikingly different from your typical pole tent. This is intriguing for guests, inviting them in. Stretch tents have the same functions as all other event tents. Providing the same great traditional benefits of a canopy. Freeform materials, though, don't need a flat surface to set up like traditional marquees. Flexible canopies can be customized to fit any location no matter the obstacles.

An assortment of colors can be selected giving users many styling options. Branding is also available. Companies have developed a variety of branding techniques that really make these tents an effective marketing tool. Fire rated fabrics are used in manufacturing. Safety is paramount and all fabrics comply with the relevant fire safety norms. Stretch Tents are also %100 waterproof.

Stretch tents are just beginning to make an impression on the event tent market in the US. Look out for these tents to make a bigger impact in the near future.

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