Friday, January 23, 2015

Sphere Tent for Sale

Spheretenthas been called "the most spacious, lightest, most effective design", which isa rigid and stable structure.

Sphere tent is made of special high-strength steel tube with zinc plated or painted.The roof cover adopts PVC fabric.The structure sizes are 8m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m.

Various options for configurations for sphere Tent are available tomake its function and uses more powerful. For example: air conditioning, floor, ceiling interior, glass doors, transparent fabric and wall, etc.

Its unique and beautiful shape, variety fabric design style makes sphere tent the first choice for high-end users who advocate high quality events.Sphere tent create the perfect solution for make your event special. Sphere design is widely used in various events, large-scale exhibitions, celebrations, outdoor activities.

Liri restaurant tent leading the new trend of outdoor tourism

Once mentioned the outdoor restaurant tent, do you think of the food stalls around the street, barbecue stalls? Then you are out of date! Liri Tent offers the high level tent can be moved to outdoor as the real restaurant. In the fields, grasslands, jungles, the restaurant tent and the natural can be harmony as one.

As the father and son reality show “Dad, where are we going?” becoming popular, not only the rural areas in the program become the hot spot, also cause an upsurge of rural tourism all over the country, especially suitable for the people who living in the “heat island” of the city with whole families to learn more about the nature, explore the nature, enjoy the fresh air.

But speaking of the rural tourism, every one firstly will think of the farmhouse, drinking tea, playing chess, playing cards, etc. The traditional country tourism just have single variety, lack of creativity and attractive. In recently, the rustic program constantly update, such as the cherry blossom festival, canola flower festival, grape festival, etc. The easy installation and movable restaurant tent become popular rapidly.  

You can taste the delicious food while enjoying the 360-degree views. That is the main reason why so many people choose the restaurant tent. Enjoying the delicious food and smelling the flowers fragrance, it’s really close to nature. If choose the transparent roof cover, you even can “pick the stars” and more stars within your reach in the evening.

Liri restaurant tent uses the high quality flame retardant, anti-aging PVC fabric and aluminum raw material. It’s durable and can be used repeatedly. There are many fixing solutions for your choose, it won’t damage the surrounding natural environment, and it’s very economical and environmental protection.