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Luxury Wedding Tent Marquee For Party

Welcome to Liri Structure, a leading manufacturer and supplier of Party Marquee Tents. We manufacture, sell and export beautiful and quality party marquee tents, we have been exporting our party tents to more than 96 countries for both small and large parties and events. As a manufacturer, we've been committed to providing exceptional party tents and marquees at best prices. We provide a comprehensive manufacturing and selling service for all types of party tents and marquees, our clear span party marquee tent will make your party and event more successful and distinctive.

The Luxury Wedding Tent Marquee For Party series is much stronger than the old design party tent. The sizes available are 6m, 9m, 12m, and 15m and the side heights come in 2.6m. The bay distance is 3m and the upright supports and roof beams are all made out of 100x48x3mm four channel reinforced aluminum alloy.

There are many optional accessories available. These include floorings, glass walls, ABS walls, double wing glass door, and so on.

There are two main differences between the Luxury Wedding Tent Marquee For Party and the Party Tent.

1. The Luxury Wedding Tent Marquee For Party uses the bar-tensioning system instead of the rubber-tensioning system.
2. The sidewall is fixed on the eave beam instead of being hung on the round bar with rings.

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50×100 Large Exhibition Marquee for Event

Liri structures is a professional exhibition tent supplier, famous exhibition tent rental company. The large exhibition tent cover clear span width: 40m, 50m, 60m, exhibition tents can quickly provide a more economical solution for outdoor exhibition, We provide a variety of exhibition hall for large fairs, product fairs. Set up, dismantling easy, quick, ground condition is not strictly required, either concrete or grass, mud structures are able to meet the requirements, the exhibition tents are widely used in automotive exhibition, fashion show, Furniture Show, the exhibition tents are safety, flexible and elegant.

The available accessories for the 50×100 Large Exhibition Marquee includes the PVC window walls, clear PVC roof cover, clear PVC walls, rain gutter, ground anchors, and weight plates.
Characteristics of the tent: light weight, easy for moving, suitable for product promotion, and retail shops.

The tent structure is safe and strong and can resist wind as high as 80 km/hr.

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Get acquainted with Adornment Tips for Your Wedding Camping tents

Keeping a wedding wedding party is much more difficult laptop or computer looks, and it appears fairly challenging currently. However, this should be an enjoyable event and never a stressful one. Decoration, for starters, could be a challenge if you are creatively challenged. What you know already that employing a designer is needed, hold on, you could be in a position to pull it off. Below are a few adornment suggestions for the wedding camp tents.

To start with, you ought to very first place some consideration to the outdoor tents by itself. Gone will be the design as of this time. You just want to ensure that the actual camping tent you use will be durable as well as affordable. If you're having the outdoor tents from the wedding reception support or even catering service that you employed, then you'll possess limited selection. Even then, that's no reason at all to stop upon deciding on a good camping tent. If you're buying the camping tents oneself, ensure that you locate high quality tents. A rule from the browse wants wedding ceremony tents on the web. There you'll find affordable and sturdy camp tents. Check customer testimonials for this, if you are not positive which to purchase.

Moving on, you are to brighten the outdoor tents. Prep the mind for some thinking. As long as you're facing the notebook, why not browse a few wedding dinner photographs? Doing this will provide you with a huge great deal of suggestions for your own wedding dinner. More ideas are as follows:

Document lanterns: These can be hung or put across the roof structure with the wedding camping tent to provide tinted illumination. The delicate, modest mild links from the paper lanterns tend to be exactly what you have to develop a intimate, eerie feel within your wedding ceremony outdoor tents. When the marriage ceremony will be used past due within the evening or in the night, this concept would be best. String the actual papers lamps within scallops, or even hang these based on patterns. Set up the lamps according to colour or perhaps in randomized purchase. Fundamentally, place a lot more energy within experimentation, and then choose notebook computer.

Flowers and wax lights: Designers suggest the actual common means of redecorating weddings. Set plants almost everywhere and also wax lights throughout. Just be sure the candles are not placed sufficient as for the fire to succeed in the tent's cover. Using fragrant wax lights is a great idea. Make use of a variety of colored paper strung on top of the canopy panels to incorporate some color. Mostly, select the actual plants. They can be used to provide more color to change an ordinary outdoor tents in order to something completely different.

Chain illumination: It is a very common environment regarding occasions, and not just marriage ceremonies. Within this approach, some lighting will be strung towards the body as well as the cover from the wedding outdoor tents. The colored lights provides both the resource illumination, which are often white-colored, as well as the modest coloured lights. The colored lights are regarding incorporating an intimate sense to the environment. The actual strings are twisted round the articles and also bars that comprise the actual framework of the marriage ceremony outdoor tents. Make certain you maintain the lighting through touching the actual metallic, or at least try out your best to do so.

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LIRI Luxury Party Tent With Beautiful Decoration

LIRI TENT party tent is a kind of fabric structure designed with performance, flexibility and affordability in mind. It has a wide variety of uses and has been featured internationally at high profile venues. You’ll impress everyone with the architectural beauty.Shelter’s party tent are very stylish, heavy duty and durable. They come in a range of sizes and colors.  Fast to set up and can withstand the hush weather. LIRI Luxury Party Tent With Beautiful Decoration

LIRI Large Double Glass Tent For Sale

LIRI TENTE offers high quality exhibition tents which guarantee you a successful presentation! Our exhibition tents offer protection against wind and rain also on large areas. The side walls and roofs of the exhibition tents have already proven to be a very efficient advertisement medium also. Your logo ,print can be printted on any where you like on the tent. Our exhibition tent can provid spacious room for various kinds of exhitions such as furniture exhibiton, car exhibition.

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Caravan Type Trailers Available

Lengthy car journeys and many nights stay in the great outdoors are truly exciting and fun. This may be an ideal time for friends or family to catch upwards and also relationship with one another. Whenever taking place camping, there are many outside actions that individuals can do. These types of will help them stay fit while spending time with individuals special to them. With people that want to go on lengthy trips and carry out out of doors activities, it is important to possess trailers that will have them safe and protected whilst remaining in the outdoors. There are now a lot of trailers accessible in numerous kinds and styles.

If you will be fat loss vacation with all the whole family or a band of buddies, you might need to use a larger style of trailer. Caravans are very helpful and roomy. This is in a position to accommodate lots of people with their things. Instead of residing in tents, folks can easily easily fit into the particular caravan trailers and also have all of the convenience they can receive it. This particular caravan style of trailers might have various facilities which could even give folks much more convenience whilst staying in the great outdoors.

Caravans are ideal for extended trips since they are very tough and also secure. You can use it also heading across cities. This will be in a position to supply people who have a safe place to stay while in the outside. They do not have being concerned with the different outdoor factors that may trigger inconveniences and difficulties to them. Caravans are safe areas where people can sleep, rest and also reside in while they devote their nights in the outdoors.

You can get caravan trailers in almost any dimension you would like. You can find dimensions from extremely compact measurements to huge trailers. You'll manage to find the right one to suit your needs along with your team. You may think about the typical amount of people things progress with any time camping. This will help you choose the dimensions that you will get one of the various trailers for sale. Select creating a little more room for your stuff that you and the team will be attracting.

There are also different styles that you may get. You will need to obtain a caravan trailers that may give you much comfort and convenience when heading outside the house. Usually select top quality over cost. It must be capable of giving you defense and also ease whenever keeping outdoors. And a lot definitely, it ought to be at most of the helpful for an individual. Caravans could also be used regarding additional out of doors pursuits like picnics, going swimming or perhaps simple car journeys. It may consist of everything you need to have a great as well as pleasant trip with the family or perhaps pals. One of many trailers for sale, select the one that may easily fit in your own routines, requirements and also choices.

LIRI TENT 50 x100 Huge Warehouse Tent for Storage

50x100 Huge Warehouse Tent for Storage

Liri Tent’s Warehouse Tent system is a fast, economical solution for any industrial or warehousing project. Liri Warehouse Tent offers a unique design that provides enough height and extraordinary clearance for your industrial and warehousing needs. There are no internal pillars for our clear span warehouse tent structures, the forklifts or other heavy machineries can move freely which allows maximum usable space. So warehouse tent structures are a better choice to wood or steel structures. Liri industrial tent structures are built to last more than 10 years, industrial tent structure can be built in almost any ground ---- asphalt, concrete, grass and so on.

LIRI TENT clear span warehouses tent provide the perfect working space for large equipment, including forklifts, concrete trucks and even semi-trucks.  Overhead doors, hard side walls and lighting are some of the options that can be provided. Easy to transport, set up and withstand hush weather, our warehouse tent are always the best and most economical warehouse across the world.

Huge Warehouse Tent For Sale, Aluminum Tent For Storage With Waterproof And Flame Retardant, is a strong tent with long life span. And the warehouse tent is suitable for storing all kinds of goods, also can be used as a carport which is multifunctional tent. Certainly, the supplier of warehouse tent is in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China. Therefore, the warehouse tent is convernient to the Canton Fair.

25x30 Transparent Wedding Tents for Your Wedding

LIRI TENT wedding tents are extremely versatile and are ideal for any party from backyard weddings to royal weddings. Our beautiful and durable wedding tents will impact the bottom line of your wedding ceremony. Our unique designed glamorous party tent with sculpted high quality decoration creates an attention-getting silhouette.. The wedding tent is easy to install, lighter to transport and has less stakes to pound. Ease, durability and aesthetics are combined in the design of our wedding tent .

The 25x30 transparent tent for wedding is made in LIRI TENT MANUFACTURER with high quality, Which give you a memorable romantic wedding. The length of wedding tent can be unlimitedly extended by 5m, certainly the customer-made is welcomed. In addition, the transparent wedding tent is apply to any enviroment, such beach, garden, prairie, and so on. Finally, if you want to know more about the transparent wedding tent, please feel free to contact with us, and we are devoted to providing support solutions to you with reasonable price and professional service. WEDDING TENTS FOR SALE