Monday, February 2, 2015

LIRI TENT 50 x100 Huge Warehouse Tent for Storage

50x100 Huge Warehouse Tent for Storage

Liri Tent’s Warehouse Tent system is a fast, economical solution for any industrial or warehousing project. Liri Warehouse Tent offers a unique design that provides enough height and extraordinary clearance for your industrial and warehousing needs. There are no internal pillars for our clear span warehouse tent structures, the forklifts or other heavy machineries can move freely which allows maximum usable space. So warehouse tent structures are a better choice to wood or steel structures. Liri industrial tent structures are built to last more than 10 years, industrial tent structure can be built in almost any ground ---- asphalt, concrete, grass and so on.

LIRI TENT clear span warehouses tent provide the perfect working space for large equipment, including forklifts, concrete trucks and even semi-trucks.  Overhead doors, hard side walls and lighting are some of the options that can be provided. Easy to transport, set up and withstand hush weather, our warehouse tent are always the best and most economical warehouse across the world.

Huge Warehouse Tent For Sale, Aluminum Tent For Storage With Waterproof And Flame Retardant, is a strong tent with long life span. And the warehouse tent is suitable for storing all kinds of goods, also can be used as a carport which is multifunctional tent. Certainly, the supplier of warehouse tent is in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China. Therefore, the warehouse tent is convernient to the Canton Fair.

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