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Available with most party supply companies

Celebrations call for pulling out all the stops and the first way to start things off is by renting a marquee. Available with most party supply companies, there are sizes ranging from 10x10 feet all the way up to over 300 feet.

Unlike standard banquet halls, marquees can be much cheaper to rent. The logistics of searching, renting, assembling and disassembling are surprisingly simple and the service that has them in stock will even set them up for you. You also have a choice of several selections depending on whether the party is a formal, semiformal or casual affair. Here's a look at the options available.

Frame tents

Frame tents are simple structures consisting of only a canopy and support poles. There are typically no walls or windows and the lack of center poles means there's more room for seating people or setting up food stations.

Most frame tents have a maximum width of 40 feet before the use of internal supports becomes necessary. What they can have is length stretching to many feet as the external supports easily ensure that they don't collapse.

A point to note is that frame tents are considerably more expensive than pole tents. Setup time and effort is also more.

Pole tents

A popular choice is pole tents which rely on perimeter and internal poles for support. The use of more poles means that the structure can enjoy a lighter weight, making it easy to transport and install.

Pole tents can be very large and wide and are best suited to wide open spaces. Unlike frame tents which have a limit to how big they can be, pole tents can reach sizes spanning over 300 feet, perfect for a mammoth event like a large wedding.

Where they fall short is in marring visibility for the internal poles can prevent a clear line of sight. If a dance floor is part of the event, you'll have a tough time finding space amidst the poles.

Tension tent: A type of pole tent, a tension tent is built using the same support system as a pole tent. The only difference is that the peaks are much higher giving the roofline a many-pointed look. These high peaks lend a more elegant and dramatic appearance, perfect for grand events where emphasis is placed on aesthetics.

Aside from the look, tension tents provide more wind resistance and drainage during rain or snow. As such, they're more durable and not likely to suffer much damage unless exposed to extreme weather. Prices are almost as expensive as frame tents owing to the design.

Popup tents

For low-key, low-cost events, choose popup tents which are built for function rather than form. They can be set up in minutes and transported easily.

What is a problem is size as the largest is typically not more than 20x20 feet. So if you don't plan on hosting a large event, a popup tent should suffice.

All marquees are meant for use outdoors unless they're very small in which case they're used as kiosks. When selecting tents, you have the choice of polyester and vinyl with the latter being favored for better UV protection, weather resistance, flame resistance and low maintenance. It's more expensive, however, though long-term returns are higher.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

With wedding tents you get the best of both worlds

A wedding is a truly special occasion and for many people it will genuinely be the best day of their lives. You will look back happily on your memory for decades to come and you ill show your children and grandchildren proud pictures of yourself getting married. It's a time when all the family pulls together and when you celebrate love. However at the same time it can also be a stressful and difficult situation - mostly because it is so expensive to pay for and there are so many elements to consider. The most expensive aspect of all perhaps, and the most stressful on which the entire occasion hinges, is finding the venue. Without a venue a wedding cannot take place, and this is what will dictate how your wedding looks, how many people can come, how near it is, and how much budget you have left to spend on everything else.

Thus if you can find a way to make your wedding venue cheaper and more convenient then this is something that you should pounce on right away and something that will have many benefits for the rest of the wedding. One suggestion of a way to do this is to use wedding tents. Here we will look at what wedding tents entail and why they are so useful.

Wedding tents are essentially a form of party tents that are used specifically for, you guessed it, weddings. These tents are temporary shelters that can be erected on the spot and this means that an area that is outdoors can quickly be put under shelter to allow for you to enjoy cake and drinks without worrying about them being ruined by rain or insects.

Having weddings and wedding receptions outdoors is a brilliant idea. It means that you can get the location far more cheaply (because you are paying only for the 'land' as it were) and it means that you can fit an unlimited amount of people in. Furthermore the photographs will look amazing and it will create a great vibe, and if you get good weather it will be ideal.

However outdoor weddings without wedding tents have draw backs too. For one they're much harder to decorate as there are no roofs or walls to hang anything from, and for another thing they're too out in the open meaning it would only take a rain storm, a heavy wind, or hail, to ruin everything.

With wedding tents you get the best of both worlds. On the one hand your location is still an outdoors one so you can pay a lot less and you can turn any scenic location into a wedding. You can even use the large back garden of a friend with a large garden, or you can use a beach or field that you particularly like. Then at the same time with outdoor gardens you also get the benefit of being able to easily decorate everything and not having to rely on the weather. In fact wedding tents are particularly fun to decorate as they create a fun 'camping' like feel and because they are smaller than many indoor wedding venues.

Using party tents as wedding tents for your wedding venues is a great way to save money and create a unique atmosphere for your special day. Follow the hyperlinks to get started.

Decorating Wedding Tents for sale

Wedding tents provide an ideal way for someone to host their reception and they have many advantages over other venues for getting married. There are many reasons for this, and there are many ways in which wedding tents are superior. Here we will look at some of them and at how you get stand to benefit.

First of all, wedding tents are ideal for anyone hoping to get married somewhere that doesn't have an indoor venue for getting married. This then means that they can choose somewhere like a forest where they went on dates, or somewhere like the moors. It also means that they can get married somewhere like a friend's garden if it's large enough and can this way save lots of money. By quickly erecting a tent they can save a lot of time and money and create something just as nice.

The other big reason that wedding tents are so useful is that they allow you to get an outdoors feeling to your wedding without being at the mercy of the weather. An outdoor wedding is a great feeling and makes for some wonderful photographs, but unfortunately it often leaves the wedding at the mercy of the weather - and all it takes is a freak down pour for the wedding to be ruined.

To this end wedding tents are a great solution. These can be erected easily in any location by simply popping them up, and that then means that the area is kept under shelter but at the same time people are close to the outdoors and able to benefit. The wedding also of course costs a whole lot less as a result of the wedding being based somewhere that isn't a traditional venue and doesn't cost a lot of money to rent out.

But how do you go about decorating wedding tents and getting them to look on-par with what you might pay a lot of money for?

Actually this is relatively easy and surprisingly it's possible to make wedding tents look just as romantic and magical as a range of other locations - even more so. The reason for this is first of all the partial light that comes in, but then also the amount of freedom you will have over the way you decorate.

You will need to get tables and chairs for instance and this is something that you need to think about in advance. Look for matching furniture if possible and think of what will look good outside. You will also probably want to have a table for gifts and similarly for the cake. Meanwhile you also need to clear space for people to dance and for any other entertainment you have planned.

Finally you should think about features you can add to draw the eye and to make your wedding different and one to remember. Things like chocolate fountains or bubble walls are perfect for wedding tents and a great way to get more out of the space.

For more on wedding tents, and how to make the most of it follow the links. Here you will find a range of party tents and more.

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Why Not Wedding Tent Rentals?

Your wedding: More than just one of the most important days of your life. It is an event that will take priority in your thoughts for years to come. The words "I do," and the vows you share will tie your futures together. The rings you wear and the memories you hold will take your love to greater lengths. But your wedding is more than that. It is the little things - the flowers you pick and the wine you serve - that represent your bond as a couple. What you decide as your décor is everything; it is the visual stimulant of romance. When you finally tie the knot, what will wed your romance together with your future? What will encase this beautiful scene forever in your mind? Why not wedding tent rentals?

Wedding tent rentals secures a private place for guests to view your once-in-a-lifetime experience. No matter the weather, tent rentals ensure a beautiful backdrop to your already beautiful setting. Forget about chilling rain or freezing snow. Forget about blinding sun or baking heat. When you rent a tent, you do not need to worry about an ugly venue or an unromantic passerby. Think of cozy heaters and relaxing air-conditioners, lovely draperies and inexpensive costs. Think of the wedding of your dreams, anywhere in the world. Can't afford a beach wedding? You can with wedding tent rentals. Seashells and orchids look lovely inside flowing white walls. Décor is unlimited when you can create your very own part of the world.

When deciding to go with wedding tent rentals, there are a variety of options that are sure to make your memories magical. Pop-up tents provide an open feeling, perfect for any elaborate shin-dig. No Mad Hatter tea party is complete without a croquet match on the spring lawn - but when it is time to eat those little treats, they will be easily viewed from a sky-high roof. Pole tents offer an enclosed, elegant setting, and allow you to keep warm while you watch the autumn leaves blow by. Think vintage inspired décor and classy colours. Have a special request? Specialty tents bring the celebration before it even begins. They are perfect for Indian, Asian or Greek weddings, and are sure to bring a bang. Opa!

Finding a wedding venue can be complicated and expensive, but by using wedding rentals you can save precious money for your honeymoon ahead. Depending on your budget and needs, the cost of renting a tent varies from $200 to $3,000 as they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This allows you to create the vision that you have always dreamed of, regardless of weather and outside factors you may not be able to control. Renting a wedding tent gives you the opportunity to focus more on the little things so that you can get to the one big thing - enjoying your once-in-a-life-time experience. When you think of planning your perfect day, why not think of what will make your present easy and your future enjoyable? Why not wedding tent rentals?

Wedding Tent Rentals Ensure the Perfect Day

So you are getting married! And of course you want your day to be perfect. You need to look no further than wedding tent rentals and the services they provide to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

As soon as you set your date, and before you send out any invitations, interview a few wedding tent rentals businesses in your area. Be sure to ask what services are included in the costs, as some charge to set up and take down, while others have it included in their basic prices. Engage the services of one of their event planners as they have the expertise and experience to ensure all the last minute details are remembered and they also can help you to put unique and meaningful special touches on your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Deciding on the style and colour of tent needs to be determined first, so you will need to decide what your theme is going to be right away. Wedding tent rentals come in a delightful choice of colours and gracious styles, with much more flexibility and choices of décor than a rented hall, so you need to be sure to reserve the structure you want as one of the first things you do. Then you and the planner can decide on the small but important details, such as centrepieces, flatware and dinnerware, glasses and cups or mugs, napkins and tablecloths, and candles. You might like to make your own centrepieces, planning happy evenings with family and your wedding attendants at your home over the preceding months to put them together. There are many easy-to-do but pretty arrangements that the do-it-yourself wedding family and party can create. Or of course, your wedding tent rentals staff can provide centrepieces for you.

Depending on the size of your guest list, you may also wish to engage the services of the wedding tent rentals company for your banquet. The cost of a catered meal can be as high as $25 per person and may be beyond your budget; however, do not be afraid to consider asking different members of your family or friends to provide some of the meal, such as side dishes and salads. You can rent larger pieces of equipment from the wedding tent rentals providers for roasts and other large pieces of meat. Consider having only your wedding cake for dessert to save on additional costs. Or you can have an evening reception where a banquet is not expected and the cost for light hors d'oeuvres is considerably less. Either way, wedding tent rentals staff will be happy to serve.

In planning your wedding tent rentals, arrange for an attractive area off to one side, or even a separate clear-walled room that is decorated with a suitable background, for photo opportunities. Your wedding photographer will appreciate it and so will your guests. Nuptials are often an occasion when people get together who have not seen each other in a long time and families are reunited. It is a perfect opportunity to take pictures and commemorate the happy event! Wedding tent rentals staff will also be happy to supply bar services, freeing up all your guests to enjoy the event unencumbered with duties.

For a worry-free event, full of special effects and memorable moments; plan to engage the services of a wedding tent rentals organization. You will have the peace of mind that every detail has been looked after and your day is the best that it can be!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Increasing Popularity of Party Tents

The popularity of party tents has increased at a very fast rate over the recent years. People are even using them during their graduation and birthday parties these days! Using these tents, it is possible to host many guests in your home even when you do not have permanent structures to shelter them. Today, there are many manufacturers and designers of these tents. This has resulted to an increased number of brands available in the current market. People hosting parties can now choose from a wide array of designs the one buy in order to achieve the desired look for their venue. One can also choose tents from a wide range of sizes to ensure that all guests are sheltered under these tents during a party.

There are many reasons why people use party tents. You can use these tents to maximize the party venue of your party. Using these tents it is possible to arrange seats in a way that ensure that all guests have places to seat. People will seat according to your arrangement under the tent. This is not the case when people seat whenever they like in venues where there are no such arrangements. However, using these materials it is possible to arrange your venue the way that you want guests to seat.

These shelters also enable you to decide where different people will seat during the party. If you are having a DJ or a band in your party, you can easily have a special place in the venue preserved for them. You can have this space where other people under the tent can have a clear view of; same case for a special space for entertainers and speakers. Thus, these materials enable the host to come up with a unique arrangement for their parties.

These materials also give a party a professional look. Party tents for sale are chosen after consideration of various factors about a party. For instance, theme of a party is always considered when choosing the tents to use in a party. Their colors are matched with that of other fixtures in a venue such as the furniture, staging, dance floors, and bars among others. This ensures that the chosen combination gives a venue the best look possible.

Perhaps, the major reason why people opt for party tents is due to their ease of use. When you get tents from professional firms during your party, it will take a very short time to erect them. These firms have professionals who are experienced in erecting tents. It takes them a few minutes to erect tents in a venue. Similarly, dismantling them also takes a very short time. Thus, you do not have to spend much of your time planning and erecting shelter in your venue.

Erecting a shelter can be challenging sometimes especially when you are hosting a big party. Party tents have simplified things due to their ease of erecting and availability. Currently, there are many companies from which one can rent tents from and even get professionals to erect them in their venues.

Party tents have gained immense popularity as a great venue host parties. These have many benefits as mentioned above and so if you are about to host a party sometime soon, do not forget to visit this website to take a look at these amazing tents.

Go Under Cover With a Party Tent

When it comes to entertaining your guests outside, you want to have as much control as possible. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has a mind of her own, and despite all the planning you've done - that unexpected thunderstorm or relentless sun can put a damper on your event.

In addition, you might want to keep a private gala - well, private, and unexposed to curious onlookers. Party tents are, by far, the smartest solution for making sure your reception, ceremony, class reunion, or company party remains discreet and protected from the elements.

Party tents are also known as marquees or canopies, and are available in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and fire resistant fabrics to suit your needs. If you're not sure which size to order, many vendors offer modular extensions to expand the tent area. Complete set-up kits and basic ground attachments are often standard with party tent and storage tent deliveries. Additional solid and tested ground attachments like anchors, nails or storm kits are available for an added cost.

There are various options for customizing your party tent should you need separating walls for a catering area, end walls with windows, or if you need to provide tent heaters during a blustery fall occasion. In fact, you can specifically purchase a catering marquee. You can even merge several tents together for a grand event with connecting gutters that serve to redirect the rain in a downpour. Some party tent vendors offer stylish marquees complete with distinctive doorways with an Arabian tent entrance.

These protective canopies not only serve a functional purpose, they indicate an event. The French often refer to party tents as "barnums" which carries a strong association with the infamous circus creator, P.T. Barnum. Everyone knows the circus is in town when they see the enormous, festive marquee. A sense of mystery and curiosity fills the air in anticipation of seeing what's inside the "big top".

In the same way a marquee signals an event and is a catalyst for onlookers, the tent can keep those very same inquiring minds at arms length with just a few simple fabric walls. The party tent simultaneously beckons, yet symbolizes "stay away" - a marvelous trick for creating your buzz worthy festivity.

Party tents aren't just for parties anymore though. Now you can purchase storage tents, and portable garage tents or carports. Online distributors offer a plethora of cost and size options, and almost every accessory and spare part you could dream of when it comes to cleaning, maintaining and reinforcing your canopy -- whether it's for your summer party tent or for protecting that vintage car in the portable garage. You've got it covered - party or no party.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Provide nice shade for your guests at your party

Throwing a party during the summer can be a hot and daunting task if you are having a party in your backyard, in a parking lot, or at a park. Where are your guests going to get shade when they need it at your party? The best solution when there is no shade at your event is to rent a tent for your party and provide nice shade for your guests at your party.

Party tents come in many different shapes, sizes, and even different colors! The most attractive type of party tent is the "festival" or "pinnacle" style of high-peak frame tent available from most high-end rental companies. These tents not only look really nice they also sustain higher wind loads, which is important in many parts of the country that can experience windy days.

What should you look for when you are going to rent a tent for your party? The first thing you should look for is that the company you are renting a tent from does good, quality work and they maintain their tents in the most sanitary manner. Ask the tent company if there are any jobs that you can observe and view to see how clean their equipment is. Most tents are white and need to be maintained well so that they always look nice and clean.

The second thing you need to consider is what type of tent you will need to rent for your party. Frame tents can be set up on grass or hard surface such as asphalt and concrete. You cannot set up a traditional pole-style tent on a hard surface because of how the structure sits on the hard surface. It is recommended to do a frame tent on hard surfaces. Frame tents also look nicer than traditional pole-style tents because the top is tighter, cleaner and more modern looking.

The last thing you need to consider is the track record of the tent rental company. Ask for references when you are looking to rent a tent from a party rental company. Many times they will give you a list of great references who can tell you how they did at their last party. Sometimes they will not give out references of individual homeowners, but commercial customers may be given at request.

Tent rentals are a great way to shade your guests at your party. Just be sure to shop around and find the best tent rental option for your date.

The above party tents are the most common type of marquee

If you are planning an outdoor event this year and are considering hiring a party tent or marquee, knowing what types of party tent are available to hire will help you to plan the indoor seating and entertainments for your event. It will also allow you to plan the decoration for your hire tent which is very much dependent upon the style and interior shape and space of the tent you hire.

Here you will find details of the main types of tent (marquees) that are available to hire.

Framed Marquees or Clear-span frames

Clear-span or area marquee frames are of aluminum construction and have no center supporting poles. The interior space is wall to wall which means that entertaining, seating and decorating are significantly simplified due to the open space. The aluminum frames with canvas walls are exceptionally strong and weather resistant and as such are the most suitable tent you can hire during winter months. Framed party tents can stand on any type of ground surface, whether it is soil, grass or concrete and do not need anchoring down. The frame is instead held down by weights.

When hiring a marquee it is important to consider where the hire tent will be sited. If you are limited for space and access and would like the party tent erected near to a building or adjoining a building an aluminum frame marquee is ideal. They are extremely versatile and can fit most spaces, on most surfaces and within many budgets.

Canopy Style or Pole Marquees

The canopy style tent hire option is more suited to summer parties due to its lighter weight construction and open sides. The open sides of the party tent allow for summer breezes to drift through while the roof offers shade and a shelter from light rainfall.

This style of hire tent is not unlike a circus tent in that it is attached to the ground using guy ropes and pegs. It is for this reason that canopy style tents cannot be sited on hard concrete or sandy surfaces etc. The ideal base is firm grass which is why this type of marquee is a good tent hire option for garden parties.

High Peak Party Tents

This tent hire option has the best of both worlds from the framed marquee and the canopy/pole marquee. It has the durability and ease of construction as for the framed tent and the elegance of a canopy tent with its high peaked ceiling which gives an overall elegant and classy look which is perfect for any event.

If you have many outdoor events and parties you might be tempted to buy your own party tent rather than hiring one. This can be an expensive and time consuming option as you have to erect and dismantle the marquee yourself. The benefit of hiring a party tent is that these things and many more besides (from party planning to arranging caterer, seating and decoration) are arranged by your tent hire company.

The above party tents are the most common type of marquee and party tent you can hire in the UK today. Good luck planning your event.

For more information and help hiring the right marquee for you, Elegant Marquees Ltd is a great place to go.

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Everything you need to know about party tents

I know that many people are skeptic to buy or rent a tent for a big important party and maybe you are one of them. The reasons for this may vary, but a few of the reasons I use to hear is that they are too expensive and too hard to assemble. Of course everything is relative, but below I will give you ten reasons for hosting your next important party in a tent.

These kinds of tents can be a great solution to a garden party for many reasons. They have vertical walls and this gives you maximum use of the floor area. Party tents are also delivered in sections so you can always add more sections to your party tent if you need.

For me party tents will always be the solution of choice when I host either a formal or an informal party and more and more people now see the benefits and are picking up on the idea. Lately there has literally been an explosion in the number and models available of party tents. Regardless of what kind of party you are throwing, you can always rest assure that you will find a tent that perfectly fits your needs.

Listed below a ten reasons on why you too should choose a party tent next time you are hosting a function:

1. They are the ideal solution for covering your outdoor party.

2. They can be used with or without the side and end panels.

3. They are totally portable and provide protection and security.

4. They are easy to assemble and come with full instructions.

5. They can be found ready to use and fully customized for most outdoor parties.

6. They offer a portable haven from the outdoor conditions.

7. They are a significantly cheaper option than hiring a restaurant and you have the advantage of keeping it afterwards.

8. They are designed to provide shelter for your guests.

9. They are available in various sizes and you are guaranteed to find a model that suits your needs.

10. They are very affordable as compared to other solutions, making them ideal for any occasion.

Everything you need to know about party tents can be found on the Internet or in your local mall. Simply pick the one that best suites your need the best, there simply isn't any better solution.

Looking for information about party tents? Visit for tips on party tents and reviews.

Don't just look at the size when you're comparing party tents

Party tents can be incredibly useful for those who like partying outdoors all the time, yet live in a place with very random weather. Investing in a quality tent of this type can be a great idea if you're the one hosting the parties most often, because it can provide an unmatched level of convenience when you are really intent on holding those parties outdoors and want to make the most of the local nature. It's not difficult to find reliable manufacturers and sellers of party tents either, and in most cases they come at some really affordable prices, as long as you know how to do your shopping properly.

Start with the size - this is the most important feature you'll need to compare in order to ensure you're spending your money on something viable. Party tents come in all shapes and sizes, and if you've got more money to spend you can even make a customized order that really suits your needs perfectly. As long as you're browsing through generic models though, make sure you know how big you need your tent to be - not just in terms of sheer space, but also in its capacity for people, as sometimes sizes can be misleading.

Well-designed party tents tend to be very flexible in terms of size though - sometimes you may not need to use the whole tent when you're throwing a smaller party, in which case you'd want to have a party tent that can be adjusted during its construction, which is typically done with a modular design that allows you to add and remove components on the fly. This isn't just useful in terms of dynamically adjusting the tent for different numbers of people, but it can also be quite convenient when you need the most portability you can get, as party tents designed in this way tend to be very easy to pack into a small space for transportation.

Of course, don't just look at the size when you're comparing party tents, and make sure that all the features of the tent you're buying are suitable for your specific needs. You may need extra durability and longevity - or on the other hand, better resistance against rain and, on the other hand, sunlight - all of these are features offered by different designers of party tents and they typically have separate models covering all those bases, so all you have to do is make a list of your requirements and go shopping with that list in hand.

It's not a bad idea to ensure that the manufacturer of party tents you're using also has flexible and well-designed warranty policies covering their products - there's hardly anything worse than having to pay a great deal of money shortly after having bought your tent, just because it was built in a careless manner and it incurred some serious damage which you can't repair on your own - and when it's not covered by your warranty either, you have a real problem on your hands.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Decorating A Wedding Tent To Make The Event Memorable

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, a wedding tent is essential. If you want to do something unique for your wedding to make it a very special day to remember, then choosing wedding rentals is a perfect way to make your wedding event as special. Tent rentals offer you several kinds of wedding tents that allow you to have an excellent outdoor wedding, which don't have problems of the weather and they would allow you to celebrate your wedding party in any situation.

Theoretically outdoor weddings are ideal to create a special movement and romance. There are several decorative tips that works together to make your wedding as a memorable event. Lighting, flowers and accessories are all important elements while decorating the wedding tent.

Decorating a wedding tent is a matter of combining different elements such as colors, shapes and textures in order to create a visually pleasing environment. You need to choose a theme or style that fits to your budget and venue. Choose centerpieces, flowers, tablecloths, chairs, lighting, etc. You have to implement your chosen style. Wedding rentals will provide all these decorative items with innovative ideas. Tent rentals have professional decorators, who make your wedding party more memorable, that include:

• To create a magical sense, first choose the right tent theme and style. Sheer or light weight tents are pretty, and they can also give cooling effect even in hot weather.

• If you are planning to make your wedding at night, choosing clear top tent will be truly magical.

• You can use projectors to cast patterns or images onto the tent's ceiling or sides.

• Plants and potted trees add warmth to the wedding tents. Wedding rentals will provide you several types of decorative trees and plants.

• Adding lighting to a tent is very important. This would draw attention of guests away from any "ugly areas".

• Dress the ceiling with tulle swags that matches with your wedding colors. You can also hang the swags of white twinkle lights above the tulle. The fabric can be luminescent.

• Hang chandeliers and paper lanterns from the ceiling of the tent.

• Use classic statuary and urns to decorate your wedding tent.

• Wrap vines that may be faux or real around the poles of the tent.

• When decorating the interior of the wedding tent you need to create a harmony and balance. You have to take the layout of the room and placement of the windows into consideration while making your decorative efforts.

• Hang strands of beads or crystals of varying lengths inside the tent ceiling by using florist pins and fishing wire. Use aurora or clear borealis crystals, or you can also mix and match with different shades of the bride's wedding colors.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Most marquees you can hire are frame construction

When you are planning your party, remember that marquees are the perfect venue for a wide variety of parties. Imagine how beautiful your wedding reception could be with a fully dressed and styled marquee.

While the fabric of marquees are intended to withstand the majority of weather conditions, you may like to purchase an optional awning for your marquee. The awning is essentially a cover, that is erected to go over part of the roof line of your marquee, as well as come down past the entrance.

To avoid leeks you should check that the marquees are made from one sheet of material - so that no glue or tape fixing is visible. Any inks used need to help with the condition, they need to be water proof and not run in the rain.

Most marquees you can hire are frame construction or the larger rope & pole marquees. To avoid damage, these should be erected by trained professional staff, the place you hire the marquee from will be able to help you with these arrangements.

The large framed marquees are available in various sizes and they can be used to seat up to 300 people in a single marquee - they can also be joined together to create more space should it be required. Marquees are incredibly flexible and versatile. With a marquee almost any layout or shape is available, long, square, L-shaped, romantic, classical, themed, you are able to stamp your character on the event in any way you choose, unlike with a traditional venue where the decoration and possibilities may be limited, size and shape are fixed, this is what makes marquees ideal for parties of all types.

For more information and help with marquee hire check out our website, we can help you find every thing you need to hire for your event where ever you need it so if you are looking for marquee hire Hampshire we can help.

So if you have marquees for sale or any event equipment

The marquee industry is constantly evolving, providing new up to date designs to follow the current trends creating exciting innovative temporary venues. For companies supplying events there will be a need to update and replenish stock year by year and review stock levels to ensure that the business is operating with the optimum level of equipment.

Surplus or redundant marquee/event equipment will most likely be of a commercial grade and not necessarily suitable for use by individuals who are looking for an additional bit of rain cover for their garden (more suitable for garden use is a party marquee which is more manageable, easier and quicker to erect). So ex hire commercial marquees are generally resold into the marquee industry/events industry and there is a good demand for equipment. For the seller it can be a good way of increasing cash flow and for the buyer a cost effective way of increasing stock or buying equipment for a specific event. But how do you know who has what for sale?

The answer, a dedicated website design specifically to support the marquee industry. Such a website can aid, not just the sale of marquees but all associated event equipment including, chairs, tables, marquee lighting, event toilets, portable dance floors etc. So if you have marquees for sale or any event equipment you might want to consider the following points to make sure you get the most out of listing your equipment online:

use a specialist website such as Marquee Market which will provide you with a ready made audience of marquee companies and event industry suppliers.
a good photograph really helps, so buyers can fully visualise what they are getting. If your photo includes items that are not for sale make sure that you clarify this in any accompanying information.
make sure all items are clean and all components are complete.
a second hand marquee or event equipment is not going to be perfect, but be honest about the condition of equipment and take a photo of any damage so that the buyer can easily decide whether they want to proceed.
be realistic when it comes to pricing. Have a look at other seller's equipment to gauge a suitable price.
provide good information for the buyer. How old is the marquee/equipment, give manufacturer details, colour, size and the number of items available etc.
if you are selling a large volume of chairs/tables you may also want to consider offering a unit price so that the seller can purchase a smaller number.
give the buyer an opportunity to come and view the furniture prior to purchasing.
Arranging Payment

When it comes to arranging for the payment use your common sense, no matter how trustworthy your buyer seems! Always make sure that you have received cleared funds prior to releasing your equipment.

Avoid overseas buyers as these are more susceptible to scams.

If you have any doubts about a transaction speak to your bank manager for advice.

If you would like to advertise a second hand or ex hire marquee or event equipment for sale you can visit [] is a website set up to provide a one stop shop in support of the marquee and events industry. The site has two main functions; a marketplace for selling and buying second hand marquees/associated event equipment and a forum for marquee companies and industry suppliers to use as an information resource aiding communication within the industry.