Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Most marquees you can hire are frame construction

When you are planning your party, remember that marquees are the perfect venue for a wide variety of parties. Imagine how beautiful your wedding reception could be with a fully dressed and styled marquee.

While the fabric of marquees are intended to withstand the majority of weather conditions, you may like to purchase an optional awning for your marquee. The awning is essentially a cover, that is erected to go over part of the roof line of your marquee, as well as come down past the entrance.

To avoid leeks you should check that the marquees are made from one sheet of material - so that no glue or tape fixing is visible. Any inks used need to help with the condition, they need to be water proof and not run in the rain.

Most marquees you can hire are frame construction or the larger rope & pole marquees. To avoid damage, these should be erected by trained professional staff, the place you hire the marquee from will be able to help you with these arrangements.

The large framed marquees are available in various sizes and they can be used to seat up to 300 people in a single marquee - they can also be joined together to create more space should it be required. Marquees are incredibly flexible and versatile. With a marquee almost any layout or shape is available, long, square, L-shaped, romantic, classical, themed, you are able to stamp your character on the event in any way you choose, unlike with a traditional venue where the decoration and possibilities may be limited, size and shape are fixed, this is what makes marquees ideal for parties of all types.

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