Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So if you have marquees for sale or any event equipment

The marquee industry is constantly evolving, providing new up to date designs to follow the current trends creating exciting innovative temporary venues. For companies supplying events there will be a need to update and replenish stock year by year and review stock levels to ensure that the business is operating with the optimum level of equipment.

Surplus or redundant marquee/event equipment will most likely be of a commercial grade and not necessarily suitable for use by individuals who are looking for an additional bit of rain cover for their garden (more suitable for garden use is a party marquee which is more manageable, easier and quicker to erect). So ex hire commercial marquees are generally resold into the marquee industry/events industry and there is a good demand for equipment. For the seller it can be a good way of increasing cash flow and for the buyer a cost effective way of increasing stock or buying equipment for a specific event. But how do you know who has what for sale?

The answer, a dedicated website design specifically to support the marquee industry. Such a website can aid, not just the sale of marquees but all associated event equipment including, chairs, tables, marquee lighting, event toilets, portable dance floors etc. So if you have marquees for sale or any event equipment you might want to consider the following points to make sure you get the most out of listing your equipment online:

use a specialist website such as Marquee Market which will provide you with a ready made audience of marquee companies and event industry suppliers.
a good photograph really helps, so buyers can fully visualise what they are getting. If your photo includes items that are not for sale make sure that you clarify this in any accompanying information.
make sure all items are clean and all components are complete.
a second hand marquee or event equipment is not going to be perfect, but be honest about the condition of equipment and take a photo of any damage so that the buyer can easily decide whether they want to proceed.
be realistic when it comes to pricing. Have a look at other seller's equipment to gauge a suitable price.
provide good information for the buyer. How old is the marquee/equipment, give manufacturer details, colour, size and the number of items available etc.
if you are selling a large volume of chairs/tables you may also want to consider offering a unit price so that the seller can purchase a smaller number.
give the buyer an opportunity to come and view the furniture prior to purchasing.
Arranging Payment

When it comes to arranging for the payment use your common sense, no matter how trustworthy your buyer seems! Always make sure that you have received cleared funds prior to releasing your equipment.

Avoid overseas buyers as these are more susceptible to scams.

If you have any doubts about a transaction speak to your bank manager for advice.

If you would like to advertise a second hand or ex hire marquee or event equipment for sale you can visit [http://www.marquee-sale.com/] is a website set up to provide a one stop shop in support of the marquee and events industry. The site has two main functions; a marketplace for selling and buying second hand marquees/associated event equipment and a forum for marquee companies and industry suppliers to use as an information resource aiding communication within the industry.

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