Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4 Tips to Help You Hire a Marquee - Marquee Hire

Tips on Hiring a Marquee

There are many reasons why you may wish to hire a marquee. They are popular for wedding receptions, outdoor summer parties, corporate events and birthday parties. Marquee hire is incredibly popular because they can help to keep you sheltered from the elements no matter what the weather throws at you.

However, when searching for the right marquee company, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here you will find several tips on marquee hire and what to avoid if possible.

First Things First - Know Your Budget!

There are marquee's available to suit all budgets and obviously the larger and more unique marquees will cost more than the smaller standard versions. You need to have a good idea of your budget before you can find the right marquee for you. Once you have a budget in mind it is then that you can search for a quality marquee hire company.

The best thing to do is to shop around. Compare as many different local marquee hire companies to see what the best deals currently are. You may find that one company offers the type of marquee that you need at a much lower price than another one. It is always better to shop around then it is to simply hire out the first one that you see!

Where Are You Having Your Event?

As most events and larger parties will require space for guests, you may find that you want to hold it in beautiful surroundings. One of the more popular locations to hold a wedding, or a corporate function for instance, is down by the beach or in a public garden. It's important to have a clear understanding of where you would like to hold your party so that the marquee hire company knows whether permits are required and which marquee is best suited for the location.

Depending on where you hold your event, you may need to discuss any permits required the marquee hire company and local council like Melbourne City, Port Phillip, Stonnington, Yarra and the like, to hold your party in a public area. Failure to get the right permits may result in fines or closure of party. Therefore it's important to get the proper approval.

Look Out For Any Additional Expenses

As with everything that you can hire, marquee companies can often charge hidden extras that you do not pay much attention to. This mainly applies to when the marquee company come to check the grounds that the marquee will be built on. Sometimes the ground where you want the marquee placed could be uneven and it may require extra work to set it up. The company will not always discuss this with you and they will simply add it to your bill later on.

Therefore it is important to always know the cost of the marquee hire before you sign any contract. See what is and what isn't included and always ensure if you are not hiring the marquee on your own grounds, that you go and visit the site where it will be placed.

Choosing a Quality Marquee Hire Company

There are a few ways to tell whether or not a marquee hire company is reliable and good quality or not. One of these ways is to see how much information they give you. Most respectable companies will give you advice on your event planning and decorations for the marquee.

Another way to tell how good a marquee hire company is, is to see how quickly they reply to your inquiry. If you find that you constantly have to leave voices on their voicemail then yes, it could mean the company is doing fantastically well and they are busy. However, it could also mean that they are unreliable and they could be hard to reach whenever you need them.

Overall there are many things to think about when hiring out a marquee. Catering and entertainment is something else that you will need to consider as well as the decorations. This means it is always advisable to plan as far ahead as possible. Never leave your marquee hire until the last minute!

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  1. Such great guidelines! I am a newbie event planner and going to work on a wedding at traditional Wedding location in Chicago. These tips will help me to manage everything smoothly and within the budget of my clients.