Friday, May 29, 2015

Available with most party supply companies

Celebrations call for pulling out all the stops and the first way to start things off is by renting a marquee. Available with most party supply companies, there are sizes ranging from 10x10 feet all the way up to over 300 feet.

Unlike standard banquet halls, marquees can be much cheaper to rent. The logistics of searching, renting, assembling and disassembling are surprisingly simple and the service that has them in stock will even set them up for you. You also have a choice of several selections depending on whether the party is a formal, semiformal or casual affair. Here's a look at the options available.

Frame tents

Frame tents are simple structures consisting of only a canopy and support poles. There are typically no walls or windows and the lack of center poles means there's more room for seating people or setting up food stations.

Most frame tents have a maximum width of 40 feet before the use of internal supports becomes necessary. What they can have is length stretching to many feet as the external supports easily ensure that they don't collapse.

A point to note is that frame tents are considerably more expensive than pole tents. Setup time and effort is also more.

Pole tents

A popular choice is pole tents which rely on perimeter and internal poles for support. The use of more poles means that the structure can enjoy a lighter weight, making it easy to transport and install.

Pole tents can be very large and wide and are best suited to wide open spaces. Unlike frame tents which have a limit to how big they can be, pole tents can reach sizes spanning over 300 feet, perfect for a mammoth event like a large wedding.

Where they fall short is in marring visibility for the internal poles can prevent a clear line of sight. If a dance floor is part of the event, you'll have a tough time finding space amidst the poles.

Tension tent: A type of pole tent, a tension tent is built using the same support system as a pole tent. The only difference is that the peaks are much higher giving the roofline a many-pointed look. These high peaks lend a more elegant and dramatic appearance, perfect for grand events where emphasis is placed on aesthetics.

Aside from the look, tension tents provide more wind resistance and drainage during rain or snow. As such, they're more durable and not likely to suffer much damage unless exposed to extreme weather. Prices are almost as expensive as frame tents owing to the design.

Popup tents

For low-key, low-cost events, choose popup tents which are built for function rather than form. They can be set up in minutes and transported easily.

What is a problem is size as the largest is typically not more than 20x20 feet. So if you don't plan on hosting a large event, a popup tent should suffice.

All marquees are meant for use outdoors unless they're very small in which case they're used as kiosks. When selecting tents, you have the choice of polyester and vinyl with the latter being favored for better UV protection, weather resistance, flame resistance and low maintenance. It's more expensive, however, though long-term returns are higher.

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