Friday, February 6, 2015

Luxury Wedding Tent Marquee For Party

Welcome to Liri Structure, a leading manufacturer and supplier of Party Marquee Tents. We manufacture, sell and export beautiful and quality party marquee tents, we have been exporting our party tents to more than 96 countries for both small and large parties and events. As a manufacturer, we've been committed to providing exceptional party tents and marquees at best prices. We provide a comprehensive manufacturing and selling service for all types of party tents and marquees, our clear span party marquee tent will make your party and event more successful and distinctive.

The Luxury Wedding Tent Marquee For Party series is much stronger than the old design party tent. The sizes available are 6m, 9m, 12m, and 15m and the side heights come in 2.6m. The bay distance is 3m and the upright supports and roof beams are all made out of 100x48x3mm four channel reinforced aluminum alloy.

There are many optional accessories available. These include floorings, glass walls, ABS walls, double wing glass door, and so on.

There are two main differences between the Luxury Wedding Tent Marquee For Party and the Party Tent.

1. The Luxury Wedding Tent Marquee For Party uses the bar-tensioning system instead of the rubber-tensioning system.
2. The sidewall is fixed on the eave beam instead of being hung on the round bar with rings.

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