Friday, June 19, 2015

Wedding Stretch Tents

Choosing a wedding venue can put a lot of constraints on your plans that you would rather do without, it is your special day so the more control that you have over it the happier you are likely to be with the outcome. Fixed sites tie you down to numbers, location, venue restrictions and sometimes even who you can choose by way of caterers and entertainment. Marquee style wedding tents have offered a flexible solution for many years, either providing a totally new structure or as additional space when required; but they are a bit plain and boxy. Stretch tents offer all the flexibility of marquee tents for events while adding a whole new dimension to the style and glamour of the occasion.

Stretch tents are formed from an incredibly strong, flexible and waterproof material that can be stretched over a variety of styles of frame to produce an architecturally stunning display; in a variety of colours to suit the occasion. The flexibility of Stretch Tents means that the wedding tents can be used virtually anywhere, covering a range of sizes, adapting to uneven surfaces, and even joining on to existing buildings. The visual impact of the outside of the stretch tents alone will be enough to give your guests something to remember. The fabric of these tents for events also works well with lighting, letting natural daylight in; while reflecting coloured mood settings as the evening draws on.

Supported on aluminum poles, these tents for events are relatively quick to put up and take down, which can be important if you are paying a day rate for the space; this can be taken into account when you are choosing the structure. The flexibility of the design means that caterers can assemble their requirements to one side, flooring suitable for dancing can be put down; and furniture (or any props or decorations,) incorporated with ease. During the summer the sides of the wedding tents can be left open to allow a free flow of air, remember, a crowd of people generates a lot of heat; or they can stretch to ground level for cooler times of year.

Stretch tents really come into their own where you have access to a location with stunning views, here you can leave one side fully open, bringing the outdoors indoors, and letting your guests have the full benefit of their surroundings; a mountain, a lake, maybe even the view of where the proposal took place. This also allows any young children to escape and play when the speeches take place, but still in view of their parents.

So, before you start to commit to a stuffy indoor venue or boxy marquee wedding tents, why not take a look at the tents for events option for your wedding and let your imagination run free with the alternatives that they provide. For cost and flexibility alone they offer a serious alternative; but for style and impact they are almost unbeatable.

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