Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tips Tents for Weddings and Events

A tips is essentially a tent that takes the shape of a cone. They were used by the Native American Indians of the Great Plains as shelter. Today, they are seen as an iconic dwelling associated with Indians from all over America. The tips is quick to erect or disassemble, which of course suited the nomadic Plains Indians. As a dwelling place, they were ideal; warm in winter and cool in summer.


Today's tips for weddings and events are made from tough, durable canvas. The construction of the modern tips stays true to the original style, though, using upright poles that erect from a wide base and converge at the top. This leaves a slight opening above - originally a smoke hole that was used to release indoor fireplace emissions. A canvas flap forms a door that allows entry, although several tents are often linked together, leaving the structure quite open around the base (on one side, at least).


For large events or big weddings, a number of them linked together is the perfect solution. It can provide an unbroken space that easily accommodates 500 people or more. This makes them very flexible in what they can do, or be used for. If you need more space, just add another tips or two. It can be as simple as that. Modern tips for weddings and events come in a variety of sizes, too. Smaller tipss may be more suited to cosy occasions, while the larger ones interlinked are perfect for large scale events. The ability to choose tipss of different sizes-and link them together without too much trouble-seriously enhances the flexibility of this type of tent.


Most weddings and events only really come alive after dark. That's when lighting can make a truly impressive mark. Tips, like most canvas structures, are translucent, so the light inside the tents can be seen from the outside. This is where coloured lighting comes into its own. It can create almost magical effects to mesmerise and hypnotise, and delight everyone there. And if the lighting is synchronised to complementary music, then magic really does happen. The colours take on a life of their own, charming and exciting those who are touched by it.

Tips for weddings and events, although growing in popularity, have yet to be fully appreciated by the masses; it's just one of those products that aren't advertised all that much. You'll probably see them in a wedding magazine or at someone else's event. People today expect something more dynamic than the standard white marquee tent, and the modern tips delivers that. With some imagination and creativity, the possibilities are endless with a tips.

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